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How to Cure Stinky Feet

How to Cure Stinky Feet

Today we are going tot talk about something that is a little broad but defiantly is on the mind of anyone who is physically active or works out. When we run or workout or body rewards us with losing inches off of our waistline, losing some belly fat, losing, weight or toning up but we don’t get these results without paying the price for stinky feet. Don’t be embarrassed at one point of time we have all had to deal with smelly feet and for many this may be a common occurrence, if you are lost and looking for help continue reading as we will be revealing two actionable methods that you can use to first cure stinky feet and secondly learn how deodorize shoes.

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What causes foot odor

There are three main causes of foot odors and we will go over each of these stinky causes in detail. The first culprit to contributing to foot odor is bacteria, yep you guessed it good old bacteria is the number on a cause for not just foot odor but shoe odor as well. Shoes make a great home for bacteria because for the most part they are rarely exposed to light and come into constant contact with moisture. Every time you stick you sweaty foot in your shoes it rewards you by feeding this odor causing bacteria. Do not continue to feed the beast and be mindful of your shoes and try your best to keep them dry if possible.

Sweat: Why does sweat smell.

Some folks just have feet that naturally sweat and there is little that they can do to prevent their feet from sweat. Sweaty feet stinky and there is no nice way to put it so the best course of action is to try your best to keep your feet dry and look into some antiperspirants that are made for feet.Sweat itself does not smell and it is the bacteria located in the sweat that actually makes it have an odor. in fact smell.

Possible causes for smelly Feet

Sweaty feet can be caused by stress on the foot. This may be due to a structural problem, or because the foot is under strain or tired—for example when you’ve been standing on your feet all day.
Hot weather can make matters worse, although sweaty feet are a problem throughout the year. Sweaty feet can also be an inherited condition.In adolescents, sweaty feet are probably caused by over-active sweat glands triggered by changing hormonal levels in the body. As the sweat glands on the soles of the feet (and the palms of the hand) respond mostly to emotion, mental or emotional stress is a common cause.

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Smelly Feet Cure

So what can you do to keep your feet from smelling like death well for starters it all starts with hygiene and washing your feet good each morning or when you take a shower. Make sure to spend time drying your feet thoroughly and use a coarse towel to ensure proper drying. Never put on your socks if your feet are wet as this will more than likely cause bad foot odor.

I am not sure why this needs to be said, but it is important to change your socks daily and never wear the same socks on consecutive days especially if you have been sweating or physically active. It doesn’t matter if you leave them air drying they stink and need to be washed, there is just no nicer way to put it unless you don’t mind having a fungus that is. Keep your workout shoes and casual footwear separate and if you can rotate you workout shoes to give them time to air out and dry out. It isn’t good enough to leave you shoes outside in the yard overnight and think that they are good to go, shoes do not air out completely overnight and this process can take at least 3-5 days.

Well, we hope that you enjoyed this little change of pace in out blog and that this helps other who may be looking for stink feet remedies or cures to help them with stinky feet. There is sports powder that can be used to remove shoe odors just make sure you try to use an all natural one and one that is unscented as well.